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Psychic Medium 

Carolan Dickinson is a psychic medium, bestselling author, teacher, and licensed associate counselor. There is no difference between the ability to connect with your soul (psychic) and the ability to connect with someone in the Spirit World. Each kind of communication helps you differently depending on whose life experiences or perspectives are communicating. Carolan allows Spirit to lead the way in a private sitting because Spirit knows best what information and which communicator can help you. Because of that, your private sitting could be all psychic, all mediumistic, or a combination of the two.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching Sessions are psychic in nature and will be more interactive than a private sitting. We will look at what is working, what is not, and how we can best shift, change, or heal something that will bring a more positive and effective way of being in the world. This may include mindfulness or other life skills that will add to the quality of your life. Everyone has strengths and resiliency that they are already using. An intuitive coaching session will help utilize those strengths more intentionally.



What constitutes a traumatic event is a very personal experience. Often it isn’t until you are in therapy that you discover the full implications and impact on the quality of your life. The footprint of trauma can show itself as difficulty at work, unhealthy relationship patterns, anxiety, depression, or a lack of sleep. It can also be the total and complete interruption of your life. What you may think is anxiety or depression could be early trauma or developmental trauma. It can also be complex trauma created after multiple events and experiences. It is never what's wrong with you but what's happened to you!

Sometimes life can be hard and feel very confusing. Having a trusted partner on the road to healing is invaluable. The direction counseling takes should always be doing what works based on your goals. Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Tzu didn’t say you were meant to make the journey alone. Let's begin.

Carolan has a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling and is a Licensed Associate Counselor. Carolan is an EMDR therapist, Certifed Cognitive Processing Therapist, Certified Resilience Professional, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has experience counseling adults, adolescents, and preadolescents, individually and in a group setting. 



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