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Three Full Moons

Three Full Moons is my first women's paranormal fiction novel and now an Amazon #1 Bestseller.  You can find Three Full Moons on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


The night of Nan's eighteenth birthday was spent on graveyard duty at the Sequoyah Boarding School for Orphan Indians. You would think that it would have been a quiet night. However, the apparition of her grandmother and her message changed the course of her life in mere seconds. Nan does everything she can to outrun destiny but fate, and her grandmother, have something else in mind; to take her place as the Beloved Woman of the Cherokee. Rather than face the unknown at the Indian Village of Galowhisdi, Nan does the one thing everyone knows you shouldn't, she runs from her destiny. Nan is unsuccessful, and tragedy leads her back to the one place she never wanted to see. An ancient foe disguised as her current nemesis is trying to keep Nan from becoming the one thing that will keep her people safe. Her new family, her emerging spiritual gifts, and the animals help Nan become who she was meant to be all along. Her tribe and life depend on her successful completion of the initiation of Three Full Moons.


Walking with the Archangels

This is a twelve-week workbook that would be my answer to "Archangel 101," and takes you through fifteen of the most commonly known archangels and how to start communicating and establishing a relationship with them. This is your personal journey complete with exercises and journaling.  Available on Amazon.

Contributing Author to Anthologies


365 Days of Self-Love

Daily exercises from experts around the world

Imagine a world where you were just as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else. 365 Days of Self-Love is where you will find daily short, easy-to-follow exercises to help you learn new ways to love yourself. Now available at Amazon

Also available on


The Last Breath

The Last Breath is a compilation book from Mediums across the globe. Join us on a magical journey of the soul, where professional mediums from around the world share their experiences of the afterlife and spirit communication. The stories in this book provide validation that our soul continues to survive, long after the death of our physical body. Our departed loved ones are not gone; they are alive and well in the Spirit World. They continue to watch over us, supporting and guiding us from the Other Side. You can learn to connect with them through mediumship, spirit signs, and synchronicities. Whether you are a believer in the afterlife or an open-minded skeptic, these stories allow you to experience loss and grief from a different perspective. Death and dying are not final, but a spiritual transition to another realm.


Kindness Crusader

Are you ready to change the world? Join us as we inspire people all over the world to be kind and loving to one another. Kindness Crusader has weekly stories from authors around the world to inspire your inner crusader. With fifty-two stories and twelve months of kindness calendars, and BINGO cards you are sure to never run out of inspiration. This book is great to inspire you alone, as a family, or as a community. It makes a great gift, too! Together, let’s raise the vibration of the world in love and all be Kindness Crusaders.

This book is filled with beautiful kindness quotes and stories to inspire your random acts of kindness. We hope to initiate you as a Kindness Crusader as you work alone, with your family, or build something transformational in your community. Inside you will find the website where you can download and print your Acts of Kindness Calendars and BINGO cards or have access to the templates to create your own!

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