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May Your "Rumblings" Be Light

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays! I wish you and your families a happy and blessed Christmas. Sometimes the holidays can bring up an equal amount of sad and happy memories. We often find ourselves reminiscing about past holidays, and we can relive those moments that have made the biggest impact on us. What is certain and true is that all our experiences shape, change, and transform us at the moment and again when we experience them as memories. In the best of times, we find ourselves full of gratefulness. In the more challenging times, we may find healing and acceptance. As a matter of choice, we can also find gratitude for all moments.

Through the experience of healing and acceptance, we can find forgiveness for ourselves and others by allowing them to be a part of what has changed us into who we are today. It is the spiritual principle of the eternal progress of every human soul. Meaning that there is continued progress while we still have our human experience that will continue in the spiritual world. We will continue to grow, change, and evolve. Brené Brown (The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong) has done tremendous work about vulnerability and perfectionism. She has written extensively about her experiences with change, forgiveness, and the art of becoming. She calls the process of becoming “rumbling.” The rumbling part of anything must be there to find that place of forgiveness and peace that will lead you to the gratefulness part. You may be one of those people who will have an easier time going straight to forgiveness (my hat’s off to you). However, I find with the big stuff that I rumble, tussle, and have an all-wrestling match before I can get to the other side of it. That’s okay; the most important part is that whatever your rumbling process is, you allow yourself to take it and lead to discoveries and new possibilities.

This Christmas, my wish for you and your families is that you take time out of the busyness of life to enjoy being together, creating wonderful memories that will add to your joyful list, and that your “rumbling” times be light. We cannot escape the rumblings of life, but we can certainly take a time-out.

Merry Christmas, I’m sending you good vibes!


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