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I Heart You

Happy February,

As you can tell from the lateness of this blog that things have been incredibly unpredictable and just plain bananas! If you are like me and many others, what I have learned over the last month is that even when it's hard, difficult, and challenging, you must stay true to yourself. It is much easier to go along with the masses and not speak up when it's the right thing to do. I'm not talking about making a fuss, but I am talking about asking important questions and appropriately speaking up when things are out of whack. The standard answer of "well, that's just the way it is, and it's always been that way" is not a good enough reason not to address the problem. Otherwise, your internal rumblings" will get so loud that it washes out the inspiration, truth, and conviction you have that inspires the wonderful and courageous lightworker within. As lightworkers (which is everyone reading this blog), we will never "fit in" and will always feel a little different. That feeling of being different is there for a reason. It is to be the truth tellers with love. We understand that we see the core and heart of things as they are not and not what we want them to be. The added ingredient to successfully navigating these challenges is to be gracious and tolerant even when it is almost impossible to do it (I'm still working on this one).

What this has to do with Valentine's Day is everything! Love touches on everything from our relationships, family, children, spirituality, work, and hobbies. So why not put love in the middle of the hard stuff? It will make it easier for you to find the path that opens the door to some resolution, and you will feel more confident while on the journey. February brings our thoughts toward love-there are many things to love. My list starts with God, family, work, watching a movie with my sister, laughing with friends, taking a walk while talking with God, healing, learning, and growing. I think it's interesting that when I made my list, it didn't include material things. For me, it is usually about the simplicity of life and the small things we do that are the biggest things of all. So, for Valentine's day, I encourage you to list everything you love and let it be your Valentine's surprise.

I "heart you" on Valentine's Day. I'm sending you good vibes,


Please listen to our special Valentine's Day program where we will be doing readings either general or romance. You can call in live at

Our show airs live from 12:00 p.m. PST (1:00 p.m. AZ) and you can always listen to the replay.

The Spiritualist Society of Burlington


Please join our friends International Mediums

Rev. Karen Willis and Rev. James Kinnear on the third

SAILING WITH SPIRIT CRUISE, including mediumship

workshops, morning guided meditations, chair yoga, a

demonstration of mediumship,

Divine Service and much



Ultimate Southern Caribbean

November 2–12, 2023

Aboard the Beautiful Celebrity Reflection


Contact Rev. James Kinnear by email at:

or Rev. TC Kendall at

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