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Dreams of Fairies and Possibilities

Hi Everyone,

Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and my favorite time of the year, Fall!

Fall is one of those times that is full of promise and hope. It is a time of reflection and meeting the needs of whatever your soul has been longing for. It is a time with friends and family and a reconnecting to the spiritual aspects of your life. The majority of that is the upcoming holiday season, the cooler weather, and remembering so many moments in our lives when we have been significantly blessed. In my community, people are starting to prepare for that holiday season by calling for charitable organizations and giving trees.

As children, we went along with whatever the adults in our household set as the holiday program. Some of those memories are great, and some may be questionable (uncle bob, who always had too much hot toddy). I remember how hard my mother worked during the holidays to create memories to last a lifetime. I am grateful for that, and sure enough, during the holidays, one of us in the family will say, "remember that time Mom did . . . ). As adults, we get to reflect on that joy of being a child with a sense of wonder and innocence during each holiday season. My challenge and wish for you this holiday season are that you recapture the wonder and innocence of your youth. Set aside (just for a couple of moments each day) to see things through the eyes of a child. For those moments, be present with no what-ifs or worries, only reflecting on dreams of fairies, limitless possibilities, and the absolute truth that Santa will be coming down the chimney (even without a chimney). Setting aside the what-ifs and worries for us adults can seem daunting at first but so much easier with every attempt!

Upcoming Events:

Speaking of fun and limitless possibilities, I will be co-hosting a radio show with Yvonne Cote in December. There is an Angel for that, and we will also be conducting a monthly class of the same name beginning in January. (Details to follow).

New Year's Eve Reading Gala: The Sister's Development Circle will host our Annual New Year's Eve Message from Spirit Event. This year we will be asking for donations, but no one will be excluded as we will provide scholarships to attend. We will be doing a student demonstration of mediumship followed by individual readings to usher in the New Year.

January 21 and 22, 2023, Medium and Teacher Rev. Jim Kinnear of the Spiritualist Society of Burlington will be doing an in-person 2-day workshop (The Developing Medium and the Art of the Private Sitting) in the Phoenix area. Please contact me at to express interest.

Have a great month, everyone. I'm sending you good vibes,


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