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2023 A Year of Inspiration, Authenticity, and Action

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and took some time out of your hectic schedule for self-care. I have been meditating and praying about what the new year holds for us, and honestly, this year (as it is every year) will be what you make it. Most of us agree that the landscape of our lives has changed over the last few years. That changing landscape has us all doing things differently. The good news about those changes is that we have come back to some much-needed simplicity in our lives and have refocused on the things that give our life meaning and connect us more deeply to each other. Have there been challenges? Absolutely! And ones we didn’t know we could recover from, but we did, and we are. I have seen some hometown ideals and values return to families and neighbors, and we desperately need them. This year my heart was full as I watched my neighborhood transform into Candy Cane Lane and the entire neighborhood came together to participate in a local charity. These ideals and values are simple but bring us back to what’s important in life. It’s not always easy to be in that space, it will take work and being self-disciplined not to get caught up in the vortex of negativity, but as light workers (declared or not), the impact of your intentions and actions create a ripple felt around the world. We can make a difference by being who we are and holding the light and space for others when they can’t.

Last year we did have a focus on inspiration, and this year the focus is on three things: inspiration, authenticity, and action. Webster’s dictionary has several definitions of inspiration. Still, in this context, the one that fits best is a) a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify them to receive and communicate sacred revelation, b) the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions, c) the act of influencing or suggesting opinions.

Inspiration is a wonderful thing that helps us to move into action or a feeling. For 2023, I would like to challenge you (and me) to allow yourself to go beyond the feeling part to create actions from inspiration. This can be any action you feel inspired to do that will benefit you, your family, or your community. The challenge here can be that we sometimes believe it is not enough, and we wonder, how can I make a difference? Being the ripple in the water, holding space, and sharing the light that shines from within are powerful forces for positive change.

What that means for you personally is that inspiration will move you in a direction you already want to go. Maybe you found ways around it or ignored it up to this point. However, this is the year to listen and let inspiration guide you. My experience is that where our inspiration takes us is where our soul wanted to go in the first place. That means that you will be inspired to act on things that will challenge you, fill your heart with love and joy, and where you will find meaning and purpose. What could be better? Thank you so much for all your years on this journey with me. I am grateful to you!

Celebrate 2023, and don’t forget your vision boards!

Have a great year, everyone. I’m sending you good vibes.


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